Medium Grey Granite Setts

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Size: 100 x 100 x 50 mm

Wooden crates covering 9 m²

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Total Coverage: 0.00 m²

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Product Description

These medium grey granite setts are generally the most cost effective colour to use, whether planning to use them as a driveway material or a patio or seating area or as edging stones around a lawn or gravelled area. Our medium grey granite setts are a popular choice for a variety of applications, we have found that this colour, along with the back granite setts, are often used by customers who are looking for a product to match with existing granite setts from a previous generation. Because granite setts are such a durable product it is not uncommon when extending or re configuring outside spaces to find areas laid many years ago. When this situation occurs finding the correct colour of granite can be difficult. The medium grey and black granite setts weather beautifully, given some time they can really add to the character of the property whilst complimenting previous works. As with our other cobbles, when looked at closely it is possible to see a variety of colours, from black marks to silvery, almost glistening flecks of quartz within the stone. It is this that gives the granite its strength. Medium grey setts also show a blue tone, especially when damp, this subtle but evident characteristic allows them to sit nicely with other landscaping materials made from natural stone.