The Perfect Edging Stone

Other than the traditional uses for granite setts, such as pathways, driveways and as hard-standing areas in landscaping designs, granite setts, in particular, the larger sizes, can be used as edging stones, retaining other materials such as gravel, chippings, concrete or tarmac.

For example, the 200x100x100mm or the 200x100x50mm make a versatile edging material for pathways. The size allows the user to lay the stones with sweeping curves, circles, or to soften angular edges. Although we are able to supply a number of different finishes to our setts, such as sawn or hammered, the majority of granite setts we sell are naturally split making it easier to use them where there are changes in elevation.

Due to the substantial, and durable nature of the granite, they will look at home within more geometric designs. Various styles can be achieved by either using the one size and colour or mixing them depending on the nature of the project and the final look the client wishes to achieve.

Edging Setts - Coverage

In a single crate of setts with the size 200x100x100mm, you can expect to receive approximately 180 pieces. The number of setts can vary when the stones are naturally split, we work to a tolerance of 10%. Based on using 5 pieces in a linear metre, you can cover approximately 36 metres of edging.

Our granite setts are available by the full one-tonne crate, half crate or by the unit in order to accommodate the requirements of any project.

Medium Grey and Golden Brown Granite Setts as edging stones

A Long-lasting, Durable Choice

When compared to alternative materials that would perform the same task, such as a precast concrete product or a less durable material such as a timber edging, this use of granite is hard to beat. A natural product giving a long lasting quality appearance that will only improve over time as the setts weather within their surroundings.

We sell a lot of 200x100x50mm as edging stones for meandering pathways in cottage style gardens or patio areas, with customers using the smaller sizes, 80x80x80mm or 100x100x50mm, encased within the bigger sizes. Equally popular is using this size as edgings for gravel driveways or paths, as described above, with either the 50mm edge standing proud or the fuller 100mm width of the setts on show.

Granite Setts used as edging stones in a gated entrance

In a single 1-tonne crate of 200x100x50mm, you will receive approximately 350 pieces achieving around 72 linear metres.

The granite setts make an excellent choice for threshold areas, as in the image above, offering a transition from a tarmac pavement to a gravel driveway. Used in this way the granite setts can really soften and add interest to what otherwise could be a problem area.

Half tonne crates of black naturally split granite setts

Half Tonne Crates

Here at Granite Setts Direct, we understand that not everybody is looking for large quantities of granite setts. Sometimes a small amount of work in the right place can make a big difference to the appearance of an otherwise uninspiring area. For this reason, we are happy to supply our products in half-tonne crates.

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We always carry a large stock of both oversized edging setts, kerbing stones and standard sized granite setts in a five different sizes and colours.

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