Top Finished Granite Setts

In addition to the natural cropped and tumbled setts we also have a range of granite setts that have a finished top surface. The two main finishes are Flamed or Bush hammered. This type of finish produces a very even surface and is recommended where the project requires a uniform finished surface and appearance.

Smooth topped granite setts

Flamed Top Finish

Flamed finished granite setts are a type of textured finish that is achieved by exposing the surface of the granite to intense heat. The process involves heating the surface of the granite until it reaches a high temperature, then rapidly cooling it down with water. This process causes the surface of the granite to crack and flake, leaving a textured, rough finish. This type of finish is often used for outdoor paving and cladding applications, as it provides excellent slip resistance and a natural, rustic appearance. Flame finished granite setts are a popular choice for driveways, patios, and walkways, as they can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic and are highly durable.

80x80x80 finished granite setts

Bush Hammered Top Finish

Bush hammered finished granite setts, on the other hand, are achieved by using a special tool to roughen the surface of the granite. The tool, called a bush hammer, is a large hammer with a head that is covered in small, pointed teeth. The head of the hammer is struck against the surface of the granite, causing the teeth to chip away at the surface and leaving a rough, textured finish. Bush hammered granite setts are ideal for areas where slip resistance is important. This type of finish is also highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a popular choice for high-traffic areas such as sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. Additionally, the rough texture of bush hammered granite setts can help to create a unique and eye-catching design element in outdoor spaces.

100x100x50 sawn top granite setts grey

Various Specifications

These products can be produced with a variety of specifications, for example a finished top surface of either Flamed, Bush hammered or cropped. The sides can be either sawn or cropped and the same applies to the bottom of the setts, either sawn or cropped.

Granite setts produced with a sawn bottom and finished top will have identical depth whereas a cropped bottom will mean a small difference in thickness between the products. It’s worth mentioning that when laying the setts we find that a natural cropped bottom surface will generally adhere to the mortar bed better as the surface is rougher.

Sawn setts with even dimensions

Even Dimensions

Depending on the nature of the application and the requirements of the job, these types of products can be laid with a smaller joint width than natural cropped and tumbled setts. When the design calls for a more contemporary finish then this type of product can work well because of the uniformity in the sizes. Or if the application requires for there to be an even depth then products with a sawn bottom will afford the person undertaking the installation the opportunity to keep the depth of screed consistent

Setts In Stock

We always try to keep a number of the more popular finished products in stock. We will mainly have setts with sizes of 200x100x50mm and 100x100x50mm with a finished top. Although quantities may vary it’s always worth checking with us to see what we have in the yard. We also keep a number of products with 80mm or 100mm depth, again normally with cropped sides and finished top. Because we undertake some processing at the yard we have the facility to tumble or crop the products to the clients specifications if required.

Choose your sizing, finish and colour

Because there are so many connotations in sizes and finishes we can’t possibly stock everything, therefore often these bespoke orders are made to the clients specifications and come with a lead time, please contact us for further information and advice.