In-house Processsing Of Granite Setts

We have a tumbling machine and a cropping machine enabling us to further process the granite setts if needed.


On-Site Tumbling

We have our own purpose built tumbling facilities which allows us to work with customers and to accommodate orders efficiently. Tumbled granite setts tend to have a more tactile and aged appearance. Beginning life as a traditional cropped or split sett they are rotated in a metal drum to round off the edges. If the setts were left to rotate for a long period of time eventually they would appear like beech pebbles.

Loading setts into the tumbling machine

The different colours of granite can require varying amounts of time in the tumbler depending upon their composition. They are then emptied into the wooden crates and cleaned off ready for sale.


On-Site Cropping

We also have some stone cropping facilities which allows us to make granite setts from larger pieces of granite by splitting the blocks down to a manageable size. We keep around 800 tonnes of granite setts in our yard but despite this quantity of products it can be difficult to have all the colours and all the sizes we sell. The cropping machines and tumbler allow us to have some flexibility depending on the requirements of the customer.

Michael jet-washing freshly cropped cobbles

This hands on approach and understanding of the products means that we are able to offer a unique understanding, from its origin to the processes involved in turning the granite into setts and cobbles and then the techniques used to lay them

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