Natural Split Granite Setts

Natural split granite setts are the most commonly used, simply made, and cropped to size. Due to the stones durability it is relatively simple to produce which reveals the stones natural beauty. The naturally split setts display a more rugged texture than the tumbled setts. The majority of our granite is sourced from Portugal and Northern Spain, and we split some of the product on-site at our yard in the Lake District.

Medium Grey Granite Setts Granite Setts

Medium Grey Granite Setts

The medium grey are the classic granite cobble colour, when wet they take on a hint of blue. A very popular colour for us here in the Lake District, or indeed in Wales where there is an abundance of slate quarries. The greys and blues in the two different kinds of stone, granite and slate, complement each other perfectly. We have received a number of orders for driveways at traditional stone built properties, using the 100x100x100 mm and 200x100x100 mm sizes, the extra depth in the cobble offers structural stability particularly when there is heavy vehicle traffic usage.

Prices from
£33.00 per m² (inc VAT)

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Golden Brown Granite Setts Granite Setts

Golden Brown Granite Setts

Our golden brown setts compliment many forms of aggregates, when studied closely you can see traces of black and white flecks and tones of deep brown through to gold. This colour goes particularly well with the naturally occurring stone found around the Cotswolds, or indeed the yellow tones found in York stone in the north of England. It should be noted that with this colour of granite you can find variations in the shade of brown, from grey's through to more rusty tones. We can offer these setts in five sizes and are in a position to accommodate any size of order, large or small. Should you require to see this beautiful stone first hand please request some free samples which can be dispatched to you immediately.

Prices from
£34.33 per m² (inc VAT)

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Black Granite Setts Granite Setts

Black Granite Setts

Although ourselves and the suppliers refer to these cobble setts as black in colour, when dry they appear more of a dark grey. Granite in this colour is more difficult to quarry due to its increased density, which in turn makes this product slightly heavier. Quality materials look at home in any setting, but we have found when designing contemporary gardens, the contrast between the clean lines of a smooth rendered white wash wall and a hard standing area of black granite setts works very well indeed. Using the larger sizes, such as 200x100x100 mm, for edging stones for a parking area can look nice and soften the appearance, as well as offering a solid barrier for the concrete or tarmac.

Prices from
£45.00 per m² (inc VAT)

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Light Grey Granite Setts Granite Setts

Light Grey Granite Setts

These are the lightest in colour of the cobbles that we stock, at a distance, in direct sunlight, they appear almost white. They look particularly attractive as a pathway when edged with the darker coloured cobble, for example, a meandering garden path in a cottage style garden using the light grey 100x100x50 mm size cobble setts, edged with the 200x100x50 mm in black makes for a stunning combination. We have also used a mixture of the two shades of grey in the smaller 80x80x80 mm size to break up more traditional style paving, looking particularly good with yorkstone, and offering a mosaic effect. The beauty of granite cobbles and the sizes we stock are that they are very adaptable for creating interesting shapes and adapting to irregular shaped outside spaces.

Prices from
£33.77 per m² (inc VAT)

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Rose Granite Setts Granite Setts

Rose Granite Setts

Our rose granite setts can offer your project a splash of colour whilst still retaining the integrity of natural stone. As with all our products they have been chosen to compliment a variety of landscaped settings. They work very well with the light grey setts as they share some similarities in colour. The pink tones working with the light, almost white appearance of our light grey setts. Extremely durable, as you would expect from granite, this quality stone will look better as the years go by. As with all of our products we welcome the opportunity of working with you, the customer, to help achieve your ideas. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you require any further information.

Prices from
£35.33 per m² (inc VAT)

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