Frequently Asked Questions

We try to be as clear and transparent as possible and provide as much information as we can about the product and service that we provide. Some additional questions that have been raised are answered below however if you have any questions at all that are not answered on the site, we would be more than happy to help you over the phone.

What quantity of Granite Setts should I order?

Our granite setts and cobbles are sold in crates of 1 tonne and half crates of ½ tonne, by gross weight. The coverage per crate, or half crate, is an estimation only based on an average size and can vary depending on the pattern or design.

How is the coverage calculated?

We have estimated our coverage rates based upon using a 10-12mm mortar joint in between the granite setts. Because of the nature of granite, being natural split, the exact quantity of cobbles within a crate or half crate may vary, and therefore the coverage may vary dependant upon design.

Can I choose a specific delivery date?

Where possible we will aim to book your order in for a delivery day that suits you best. During the placing of an order with us you will be given the opportunity to add specific shipping instructions which we will then pass on to our couriers in an effort to make the whole process as convenient as possible.

Can the granite setts be cut or shaped to size to fit irregular patterns or designs?

The short answer to this question is yes, however it should be noted that to shape what is an extremely durable stone by hand, for example a bolster and lump hammer requires a degree of practice. It is possible to cut the stone with mechanical equipment, however it is recommended this is carried out by an experienced professional.

Are the granite setts ethically sourced and do they meet the appropriate industry standards?

Yes, please see our technical specification link to find out more, such as the resistance to frost, strength, porosity etc.

What are the tolerances of the granite?

The majority of the granite cobble setts we sell are a natural finish, and are naturally split and therefore there are variations in sizes, the customer should not expect all the cobbles to be the exact same size. Please allow for in some cases for there to be at least a 10% tolerance in any dimension but some setts may be outside of this tolerance.