Granite Setts: Beyond the Cobblestones

Granite setts, those familiar square or rectangular stones you see on old streets, are much more versatile than you might think!  While their durability makes them perfect for long-lasting paths & driveways, they can also add a touch of creativity and character to your home and garden.

In this project, golden brown tumbled setts, chosen for their warm colour and smooth texture, were used in various sizes to create a stunning tree design directly on the wall. Smaller setts became intricate branches, while larger ones formed the solid trunk, creating a beautiful and unexpected addition to the landscape.

I had a large boundary wall to construct and wanted to add some interest and character.

The wall is being faced with the local stone, which for us here is slate, but in an effort to break it up I decided to take some Golden Brown tumbled granite setts in a range of sizes and go about creating a tree trunk set within the wall.

Below are some images of a stone tree we built at our home here in the Lake District.

Before we began I painted a rough outline of the tree shape to give us something to work to and set about walling it up.

Highlighting the shape of the design

We began the process of laying the slate wall using the base drawing of the tree to help us to add the granite setts as we went. We used a variety of sizes of sett to be able to closely align them with the drawing and create the curves of the trunk and branchs, which contrasts beautifully with the straight edges of the slate. It was great to see the tree slowly emerge as we built.

Once we had completed the trunk we used large granite beech pebbles as the fruit. In using a variety of different shades of pebble the tree gained a lovely character and the colours were able to realy come alive when wet.

We arranged the pebbles so they would rise from the top of the wall which helped to make the tree stand out and become the center-piece of the wall.

Creative Inspiration

Granite setts offer a unique blend of practicality and artistic potential.  By thinking beyond their traditional use, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities to enhance your home and garden.

Next time you encounter these versatile stones, consider the possibilities –  a whimsical tree design, a vibrant mosaic, or a unique edging for your flower beds. The only limit is your imagination.