Granite Setts used for patios

Granite Sett Courtyard

Granite setts can be used to great effect in a patio or seating area, either used on their own, or as a combination of colours and sizes. We have found that our granite setts work really well combined with traditional paving, breaking up the slabs by mixing in small sections of cobbles.

For example, if you have a patio or terrace area measuring 30-40m² why not consider adding a crate of granite cobbles into your design. Using our smallest size the 80x80x80mm for this purpose looks stunning, taking inspiration from the arts and crafts movement from the turn of the 19th century. Alternatively, if it’s a more contemporary look that is required, using the cobble setts in more geometric designs can add interest to your patio, drawing the eye to focal points in the garden. Our colours have been chosen to compliment most forms of paving and aggregates so be bold, experiment, create something unique to you. We are always here to help with ideas.

A crate of 80x80x80mm in the Light grey colour costs just £212.40 including Vat. This will cover just under 6m². - Light Grey Granite Setts 80 x 80 x 80

Granite Sett Patio Application

For those smaller irregular shaped, or circular seating areas perhaps just for a small table and chairs, located in your favourite part of the garden, consider using the 100x100x50mm sized setts.

We have found that it is not always necessary to grout the setts. If bedded well into some mortar and generously spaced you can place fine gravel in between the joints instead.

A crate of 100x100x50mm in the medium grey colour costs just £243.00 including Vat. This will cover around 9m². Medium Grey Granite Setts 100 x 100 x 50

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