Tumbled Granite Setts in a circular pattern

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Granite Setts and Laying Accessories

With our long experience and love of natural stone, we have tried to offer a range of products that will suit many different types of applications. We keep five colours and five sizes in stock at our yard. The setts, or cobbles, can be in both natural split or tumbled finishes depending on the preference of the customer.

We are also equipped with our own cropping and tumbling facilities on the premises which allows us to work with clients to provide the products in the finishes and sizes required.

Natural split setts are simply split by hand on a cropping machine and cut to a specific size. The finish of the stone displays its natural texture and appearance. The tumbled setts are these very same natural split granite setts that have been placed in a tumbling machine for a period of time which rounds off the corners and produces a slightly smoother surface.

We understand the process of producing granite setts. Each colour of stone behaves differently when worked and this knowledge in the products we work with allows us to understand the needs of customers regardless of the size of their project. Further information and free samples are available to order either through the website or by contacting us directly. Please see more information on the specific colours or finishes below.

Natural Split Granite Setts Granite Setts

Natural Split Granite Setts

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Tumbled Granite Setts Granite Setts

Tumbled Granite Setts

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Flowpoint Rapid Setting Grout

Flowpoint Rapid Setting Grout

Flowpoint is a rapid setting paving grout suitable for use on a comprehensive range of landscaping materials, such as granite setts, Indian stone paving slabs, porcelain paving, yorkstone and many more…

£21.00 per 25kg Bag (inc VAT)

Discounts available for bulk purchases

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