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These setts will appear a little lighter after the tumbling process as the setts rounded edges give way to grey mottled effect. The colour changes significantly when damp. The Black granite is a very dense stone and splits and tumbles nicely.

Black Tumbled Granite Setts

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Size: 100 x 100 x 50 mm

Wooden crates covering 8.4 m²

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Total Coverage: 0.00 m²

Total Price: £0.00 inc-Vat

Natural Split Granite Setts

We also stock a range of Natural Split Granite Setts which offer a slightly different look and feel to your project. Click on the link below view our range of Split Setts.

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Natural Split Granite Setts

Unsure Of Which Colour To Choose?

It's difficult to get a true idea of how the granite setts will look and feel, so we are happy to send out some samples of our setts. You can select three different colours so that you can see exactly how they look in all conditions, and feel the high quality of the granite.

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Free Granite Setts Colour Samples