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Our golden brown setts compliment many forms of aggregates, when studied closely you can see traces of black and white flecks and tones of deep brown through to gold. This colour goes particularly well with the naturally occurring stone found around the Cotswolds, or indeed the yellow tones found in York stone in the north of England. It should be noted that with this colour of granite you can find variations in the shade of brown, from grey's through to more rusty tones. We can offer these setts in five sizes and are in a position to accommodate any size of order, large or small. Should you require to see this beautiful stone first hand please request some free samples which can be dispatched to you immediately.

Golden Brown Natural Split Granite Setts

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Size: 100 x 100 x 50 mm

Wooden crates covering: 9 sqm

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Total Coverage: 0.00 sqm

Total Price: £0.00 inc-Vat

Unsure Of Which Colour To Choose?

It's difficult to get a true idea of how the granite setts will look and feel, so we are happy to send out some samples of our setts. You can select three different colours so that you can see exactly how they look in all conditions, and feel the high quality of the granite.

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