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These are the lightest in colour of the cobbles that we stock, at a distance, in direct sunlight, they appear almost white. They look particularly attractive as a pathway when edged with the darker coloured cobble, for example, a meandering garden path in a cottage style garden using the light grey 100x100x50 mm size cobble setts, edged with the 200x100x50 mm in black makes for a stunning combination. We have also used a mixture of the two shades of grey in the smaller 80x80x80 mm size to break up more traditional style paving, looking particularly good with yorkstone, and offering a mosaic effect. The beauty of granite cobbles and the sizes we stock are that they are very adaptable for creating interesting shapes and adapting to irregular shaped outside spaces.

Light Grey Natural Split Granite Setts

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Size: 100 x 100 x 50 mm

Wooden crates covering: 9 sqm

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Total Coverage: 0.00 sqm

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Unsure Of Which Colour To Choose?

It's difficult to get a true idea of how the granite setts will look and feel, so we are happy to send out some samples of our setts. You can select three different colours so that you can see exactly how they look in all conditions, and feel the high quality of the granite.

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